Michelle Smart

The man she loves to hate 

Elena Ricci never expected her two-day getaway to end in blackmail, forced marriage and the need for a successor. But that's what happens when Gabriele Mantegna kidnaps her! 

With Gabriele holding documents that threaten her family's reputation, there's nothing fiery Elena won't do to stop their release. Including marrying the man who would betray her. 

But as Elena's body ignites with Gabriele's every touch, what will happen when the chemistry that blazes as brightly as their hatred leads to a legacy that will last a lifetime? 

Conveniently wedded, passionately bedded!

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Miss Bates Reads Romance

Wedded, Bedded, Betrayed

© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

He peered cautiously inside.
The man stood in the middle of a pale blue bedroom, his back to him. Before him, her hands tied at the wrists to a headboard, her mouth gagged, her knees raised tightly to her chest, was a woman with terror-filled eyes.
Not giving the man time to respond, Gabriele stepped behind him and struck him in the neck, aiming for the spot that would bring instant unconsciousness. He aimed correctly. He collapsed immediately, Gabriele only just catching him at the waist before he could fall in a thump to the floor and alert the men waiting below.
Laying him down carefully, he checked his pulse.
Satisfied he hadn’t killed him, he unzipped the waterproof pouch and pulled out his penknife.
The woman’s eyes widened further and she pulled her legs even closer to her chest, whimpers coming from behind the gag.
He crouched beside her.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quietly, speaking in English. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”
She whimpered some more but managed to nod.
There was something familiar about her…
“I need you to trust me. I am not with those men,” he said. “If they hear you scream they will come up here and probably kill us both. I’m going to untie you and remove your gag and we’re going to escape but I need your word you won’t scream. Do I have your word?”

"Insanely good. Michelle Smart is so talented. Once again she has elevated a Harlequin Presents into something really special. The characters are real people, with real issues and heartbreak and love."  Penny Watson, author, Goodreads review

"Miss Bates inhaled Smart’s Wedded, Bedded, Betrayed in one glorious lounge-reading afternoon."