Michelle Smart

She owes him a wedding night…

He’ll collect it in Greece!

It’s heart-stopping for architect Helena to learn that her mystery client is Theo Nikolaidis—her ex-fiancé! Unwilling to sacrifice her hard-fought independence, she ended their engagement, but memories of their passion were harder to leave behind…

Theo has one goal: seeking vengeance on his runaway bride! Yet their return to the Greek island they had planned to call home complicates everything. Theo can’t escape their past…or the intense connection that spectacularly reignites! Will this tycoon be tempted to rewrite the rules of his revenge?

His Greek Wedding Night Debt

"They say revenge is a dish best served cold, what they don’t tell you is that  sometime getting to that much desired revenge there is a hell of a lot of steam." Harlequin Junkie

"The passion between the two is off the charts and a reader is treated to detailed, spicy/hot shenanigans leaving no doubt they are highly compatible. Volatile, but compatible." Long & Short Reviews

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