"Eva and Daniele get their happy ending, along with a sweet epilogue that features the couples from the previous books in a joyful setting. I highly recommend all the books in this series!" Harlequin Junkie

​"I LOVED this book. Once again reminded that Michelle Smart is such a gifted writer and storyteller. This is a satisfying and emotional and sexy read. Fabulous!" Penny Watson, Author

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Daniele Pellegrini must wed or lose his family inheritance. Eva Bergen is the perfect candidate for three reasons:

1. Her body is pure temptation
2. She can’t reject his outrageous charitable donation in exchange for their vows.
3. Most importantly, she can’t stand him – this hard-hearted tycoon won’t risk his wife falling in love!

When Eva’s first youthful marriage ended in tragedy, she buried any hope of loving again. She’s certain she’ll have no problem keeping her second marriage on purely convenient terms…until her husband changes the rules with his expertly ruthless seduction!

Book 3 in the Bound to a Billionaire trilogy​

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